10 tips to choose a Proper Packaging and Crating Vendor

The right packaging and crating services can have a major impact on your bottom line. When you choose the right packing and crating vendor you can rest assured that your goods will be protected during transit, and avoid damages and financial losses.

To make sure you’re on the road to choosing the perfect packaging and crate for your company, the following tips will provide some guidance.

When evaluating a new packaging and crating vendor

1) Getting at least 3 competitive quotes before making the decision.

2) Think about factors such as damage costs, packing labor costs, and reusability.

3) The cost structure of the service should be competitive.

4) Take into account companies that purchase packing materials nearby. This will help cut down costs even more.

5) It is important to assess not only the price but the quality, efficiency, and level of customer service as well.

6) Keep in mind convenience. A packing crate company that is located close to clients facilities can help reduce freight costs.

7) Look at longevity. It is definitely worth looking for a company that has provided packing services for at least ten years.

During the packaging and Crating service

Your vendor should:

8) Inform you about any variation in the quote.

Packaging and crating vendors quote based on dims and weights of cargo provided by the customer but sometimes when they provide the service there are certain variations in this information that could increase the price. Some packaging and crating providers may make a pre-service visit to confirm pricing at no additional charge.

9) Communicate successfully the status of the service.

10) Supply pictures of packaged products.

When reviewing your packaging and crating vendor

Once you have completed the service completely satisfied and have made a good match, it is a good idea to keep the relationship. You should also continue to hold the packing crate services to the highest standards—the same standards that helped close the deal, so a open communication and feedback it is important at this point.

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