Cargo Insurance

No matter the destination, the quantity, or the value of your cargo, we are able to offer Cargo Insurance through the most reliable insurance companies to cover it while in transit.

Cargo Insurace is important!

The transportation of cargo is one of the main commercial activities in the world, and also, can generate many incidents that can lead to partial or even total loss of the merchandise.

To decrease this risk as much as possible, shippers, freight forwarders, distributors, and cargo agents need to take safety measures such as obtaining an insurance policy to protect your merchandise from the beginning to the end of the transportation process.

The insurance offered by transportation companies such as airlines, steamship lines, and carriers, typically does not take responsibility for damages or losses, because they are extremely limited and have many exclusions and conditions.

That’s why Cargo Care Services provides you Cargo Insurance  with “All-Risk” based on your needs, covering your valuable cargo on imports, exports, or domestic transportation.


Do not take unnecessary risks with your Cargo. Insure it!

Some benefits of using our Cargo Insurance service:

Satisfied Clients using our

Cargo Insurance

Food Products Trader Between Mexico and USA
"We have chosen Cargo Care as our logistics partner for its excellent service. The advantages we have working with them includes security and fast response; we foresee our business relationship growing."
Freight forwarder, USA and Colombia
"The main advantages we have had working with Cargo Care are good communication and excellent service. We like the closeness we have with their team. They have always fulfilled and surpassed our expectations."
Third-party logistics company, USA
" Cargo Care has been a complement to our value proposition and the services we offer to our customers. Cargo Care helps us provide a complete service catalog to our customers, and provide them with much more benefits."
Freight forwarder, USA and Brazil.
"With Cargo Care we have a sequence of good experiences and good work; this is very important in this sector, the record, we have consolidated a concept of quality towards them, and that's why we recommend them."
Inland freight broker, USA
" Cargo Care provides trust, good service, peace of mind, and security. The partners they use have outstanding ratings and are reliable for any of the services we handle with them. We always have the certainty that there is someone very qualified handling our freight; we always feel supported by their team."


* Cargo Care Services, Corp is not an insurer, insurance agency, or insurance broker.

CCS is only providing customer service by connecting customers with different insurance providers.

* All transactions and claims are managed by the insurance companies directly and its adjusters such as WK WEBSTER.

* To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not reveal their names nor the company’s name on the Testimonials section.

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