We’re committed to helping you achieve your logistical goals and delivering outstanding
service every step of the way.

” We love to be part of a company that cares for us in many aspects. We’re very passionate about customer service and being able to support all of our customers every day giving solutions, they are more than our customers, are our allies and our desire is to grow with them!”

How Everything Started


At the time of our internship in the logistics industry, we realized there was a need in the market.

Commonly, logistics companies focus only on their core business, as it should be; they put their attention on international transportation, customs clearance, domestic transportation, among other processes. But nobody was responsible for the security of the cargo while in transit, nor for additional services to start or end the procedure correctly. The need was clear; the industry was missing a company that dedicates solely and exclusively to care and protect cargo and guarantee a successful logistic cycle through specific and dedicated services from start to end.

How It All Began

At Cargo Care Services, we’re your trusted partners; from safeguarding your cargo to secure storage, impeccable packaging, and meticulous inspections, we’ve got you covered!
We’re committed to helping you achieve your logistical goals and delivering outstanding service every step of the way. Tell us your needs, and we’ll provide the solutions. Just drop us a quick message with your requirements, and our experienced team will be in touch promptly.
It was clear that the industry yearned for a specialized entity singularly devoted to the care and safeguarding of cargo, with a resolute mission to ensure the success of the entire logistics process.

Dreams Taking Flight

In mid-2008, Cargo Care Services was born in the vibrant heart of Miami, Florida, with a visionary purpose—to address the unmet demands of the logistics landscape. Armed with nothing but passion and a shared dream, our journey began with just two individuals. Today, we stand as a cohesive team of nearly 20 dedicated professionals. Our footprint extends across the United States and Canada, serving customers from diverse regions, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Dubai, and many others.
At Cargo Care Services, the bedrock of our operations is customer satisfaction. We relentlessly endeavor to surpass expectations by delivering dependable, efficient, and personalized logistics solutions, ensuring the impeccable handling and delivery of cargo to any corner of the world.
As a trusted third-party logistics (3PL) company, our core focus revolves around providing services that guarantee the utmost care, protection, and risk mitigation for your cargo during domestic and international shipments. Our comprehensive services encompass Cargo Insurance, Warehousing and Distribution, Transloading, Packaging and Crating, and Freight Inspections.

We Guard and Cherish
Your Cargo Like No Other!

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who work tirelessly to deliver top-tier services daily.
With years of industry experience, we’ve cultivated a global network of agents and exclusive business partners, enabling us to offer our services at competitive prices.
Our strengths lie in unwavering customer satisfaction, seamless communication, and unwavering support for every request and need of our clients.
At Cargo Care Services, we don’t just manage cargo; we nurture dreams and safeguard promises, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination unscathed, every single time.

We believed in dreams !

That is why in mid-2008, we founded Cargo Care Services in Miami, Florida. We started our operations with only two people, full of dreams and desire to carry out this great project. Today we are about 20 people. We offer our services all over the United States and Canada to customers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Dubai, among others.

We always seek to satisfy the needs of our customers through the provision of complementary logistics services that will always be important for the proper handling and delivery of cargo to any destination.

As a 3PL company, we provide logistics services to ensure the care and protection of cargo and risk prevention during domestic and international shipping. Our primary services include Cargo Insurance on a worldwide scale in addition to Warehousing and Distribution, Transloading, Packaging and Crating, and Freight Inspections.

warehousing in california


We have a highly qualified staff that strives to ensure the provision of top-notch services every day. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to build an international network of agents and exclusive business partners to offer our services at competitive prices.

What are our strengths? Customer satisfaction, efficient communication, and full support in each of our client’s requests and needs.

Our headquarters are in Miami, Florida. Likewise, to provide an efficient service to our clients, we have an entire team taking care of customer service and some operations processes in Colombia.

What will you get by working with us?

You will get security and peace of mind. We will take care of each of your requirements in the best possible way; you will be in permanent contact with us to know that everything is fine with your cargo and that it will arrive in the best conditions at its final destination.

Remember that our main concern is the safety, the proper handling, the protection, and the care of your cargo. We operate under international quality and safety standards.

Also, values such as transparency and honesty, versatility, commitment and discipline, respect, and passion, can be perceived in our people and our work in each provided service.

Do not forget that we are here to be your ally, to assist you with the best complementary logistics services. Leave your cargo in the best hands; leave it with Cargo Care Services.

We are ready to protect and take care of your cargo!

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