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Cargo Care Services was founded in mid-2008 in the city of Miami, FL with the goal of providing the industry complementary logistical services to ensure the care and protection of cargo, in addition to risk prevention during domestic and international shipping.


We count with a national network of highly qualified agents and commercial partners provide our customers ideal coverage and services to meet their needs. We specialize in services and tasks that most logistic companies overlook due to their lack of knowledge or experience. Our most popular services includes cargo insurance on a world-wide scale in addition to Warehousing and Distribution, packaging and crating and inspecting cargo in main ports and airports across the United States and in some parts of Canada.


We guarantee customer satisfaction in respect to our highly competitive prices due to our years of experience, partner exclusivity, and high volume of business.

Our headquarters are located in Miami, FL and we also have a call center in Medellin, Colombia to ensure exemplary customer service.


We can handle the entire logistic chain when it comes to big projects; from the pickup, unload/load containers, block and brace, export or import drayage and the Inspection at the Port or wherever is needed. And of course insuring the freight door to door with “ALL RISK” policies, nil deductible and extremely competitive rates.

Who are we?

In addition to services associated with merchandise shipping, we give our customers tranquility, peace of mind and confidence that our logistic solutions will ensure the safety of the cargo regardless of distance and form of transportation. Our main concern is the safety of your cargo, proper handling, and protection against any harm.


We manage often ignored fundamental factors of merchandise transportation that are essential for the success of the shipping process. Such services include specialized packing solutions depending on the product, proper storage, trustworthy insurance policies, verification of the cargo’s condition, dimensions, weight, packing, etc. Cargo Care Services focuses on providing the following services:

Domestic/ international insurance for cargo being shipped through air, sea, or land.

Storage and distribution, nationwide locations close to major Ports and cities.

Packaging and crating, we professionally pack your cargo.

Cargo inspections, Pre-Shipment Inspections Inspections at Port / Airport.

We are follow and operate under international standards of quality and safety. Our staff is highly qualified and knowledgeable, guaranteeing high quality services day in and day out.


Our global policy is backed by one of the best companies that has more than 80 years of experience and a high quality rate. We strive for effective, time sensitive solutions.

Our vision at Cargo Care Services is to offer ideal solutions for the care of cargo during the whole transportation process while maintaining professional relations with providers, clients, and employees with the goal to create sustainability and growth in our business.

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