Container loading inspection, why is it important?


As an importer, there is nothing worse than receiving your goods and realizing the quantity is not correct or the goods are damaged. A lot of things can go wrong in the loading process. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps of the container loading inspection and why it is important to make sure your goods are ready for their shipping journey in the proper way.

A container loading inspection generally takes place at the shipper’s facilities. The aim of an inspection is to make sure the goods are correctly handled and safely loaded into the shipping containers for safe transportation.

Container loading inspections consist of verifying:

1. The quantity of the goods

The inspector checks the quantity of the goods to make sure it matches the buyer’s order so the correct number of goods will be shipped. The inspector also checks visually if the goods are in good condition.

2. The packaging of the goods

The inspector also verifies the packaging of the merchandise to make sure the material will protect the goods during shipping and that the labels are correct. Some fragile goods may need a specific packaging material that needs to be verified.





3. Supervise the loading process and inspect containers

The inspector supervises the loading of the goods to make sure nothing is damaged in the process. Also, an inspection of the condition of shipping containers to make sure they are intact, safe, and properly sealed prior to transport.


4. Record loading conditions and make a report


The inspector records loading conditions, for instance, if it should minimize possible issues on the road. Once the inspection is completed, a detailed report with photos and information is sent to the importer.


Who will benefit from a container loading inspection?

Container loading inspections are valuable for all importers who want to ensure safe loading of their merchandise. It is helpful also for first-time importers who want to feel confident in the shipping process or importers who have fragile goods that require more complicated or detailed loading steps.


Why is the container loading inspection important?

A container loading inspection minimizes the probability of an unpleasant surprise at arrival. It allows you to get the state of your goods prior to shipping, detect any possible issues, and take action directly. If inconsistencies are found, staff in charge in place are able to decide the next step.


Cargo Care Services offers container loading inspection in the United States

Having professional inspectors in place during the container loading process will minimize the risk of mishandling and incorrect loading of your goods, and minimize the risk of other unexpected issues. With our container loading inspections, you have to worry less about damaged goods and financial losses while focusing more on satisfied customers.


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