Cargo Care Services

The certificate that we send to our clients via email is the original document and can be printed in color to be used for any purpose.

In order for us to issue a certificate of insurance, the customer must provide the following information about the cargo: origin, destination, date of transportation, conveyance, SSL/ airline/carrier, number of containers (if applicable), AWB/BOL, name and address of loss payee, description of merchandise, and state of merchandise (eg; new, used), value being insured.

Cargo can be insured while it is in transit as long it has not reached its final destination. When this occurs, the certificate will include a clause stating that at the time it was issued there was no known or reported of the condition of the cargo concerning damages or displacement.

To provide a packaging service within the United States we must know the current location of the merchandise, the correct measurements, amount of pieces and weight. We must also know if the cargo is being exported or being moved domestically.

Cargo Care Services is not a cargo agent or NVOCC. Our services do not include the transportation of merchandise, only complimentary logistical services such as insurance, shipping and handling, storage, and inspection of merchandise. We guarantee customer confidentiality.

Our fare includes the inspector’s travel fares to the warehouse and the time of inspection begins when the inspector is present and being helped. To avoid additional costs, everything at the warehouse must be coordinated.

There are easy to follow instructions on how to file a claim found at the bottom of every certificate that we send our clients. For the quickest response, these instructions must be followed diligently.

Yes, we do offer our services for personal purposes such as moving. Our staff can go to your home, pack the items, take inventory of the pieces, load them into containers if necessary or ship them to a specified location. When it comes to insuring these products, we can provide insurance but the conditions and fees will vary. The prices may sometimes be elevated due to lack of personnel in the area.

Our policies require the first transaction to be made with a new client to be prepaid, after filling out and sending a credit application, our staff conducts a brief credit study and will assign conditions of pay for the future. This process may take from 15 to 30 days depending on your necessities.

The minimum time before the inspection that the order can be placed is 48 hours before the inspection day. In case there is a need for urgent inspection and the order is to be placed within less than 48 hours of inspection day, there will be a RUSH FEE placed.