Freight Inspection

Let us help you ensure that your merchandise reaches the final destination, meeting all of the required specifications.

How does Freight Inspection work?

The freight inspection is used by exporters, importers, or cargo agents and consists of the detailed analysis of the products before being shipped and upon arrival to the final client. This analysis includes quantity, quality, packaging, serial or reference numbers, marks, and the overall condition of the merchandise.

This service makes sure that your merchandise reaches the final destination, meeting all the required specifications. At the end of the inspection you will receive a profesional Inspection Report, with all the findings and photos. 


Our Freight Inspectors are located throughout the United States. 


Cargo Inspection

We currently offer three types of Freight Inspections in the US:

Pre-Shipment Cargo Inspection

This inspection occurs when the merchandise owner wants to be sure that the seller is sending the correct product and that it is correctly packed, marked, and placed in the container. This service is typical when a first transaction with a shipper is being carried out for insurance, L/C, or import requirements purposes. Paying a vendor without meeting him or seeing the product you or your customer bought is always a high risk.

There are thousands of fake companies on the internet, yellow pages, etc., that can easily steal your money. Therefore, investing in a Freight inspection is a smart and cautious move!

Cargo Inspection when reported claims or damages

This inspection happens when the client wants to verify the current status of the merchandise, the damages or losses suffered, and understand the possible reasons for it.

It is a common service among LTL carriers, trucking, and 3PL companies. Our inspectors have all the knowledge, experience, and freight industry education to complete a thorough report to ensure the claim process is accurate and truthful.

Cargo Inspections at Port or Airport

This type of freight inspection is mainly used for large projects or for machines/products that are being shipped as breakbulk or placed below deck, and the client wants a third party to be present during the loading and unloading of the merchandise.

This service helps you ensure your cargo is loaded correctly and securely into the vessel and prevents unnecessary costs of transportation, miscommunication, or paperwork issues.

These inspections are charged by the hour, or fraction, and include the transportation of the inspector. The reports include photographs, detailed observations, and relevant information such as serial numbers, references, etc.

Satisfy clients using our Freight Inspection Service

Food Products Trader Between Mexico and USA
"We have chosen Cargo Care as our logistics partner for its excellent service. The advantages we have working with them includes security and fast response; we foresee our business relationship growing."
Freight forwarder, USA and Colombia
"The main advantages we have had working with Cargo Care are good communication and excellent service. We like the closeness we have with their team. They have always fulfilled and surpassed our expectations."
Third-party logistics company, USA
" Cargo Care has been a complement to our value proposition and the services we offer to our customers. Cargo Care helps us provide a complete service catalog to our customers, and provide them with much more benefits."
Freight forwarder, USA and Brazil.
"With Cargo Care we have a sequence of good experiences and good work; this is very important in this sector, the record, we have consolidated a concept of quality towards them, and that's why we recommend them."
Inland freight broker, USA
" Cargo Care provides trust, good service, peace of mind, and security. The partners they use have outstanding ratings and are reliable for any of the services we handle with them. We always have the certainty that there is someone very qualified handling our freight; we always feel supported by their team."
Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not reveal their names nor the company's name.

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