Warehousing Services

The right storage near you. We offer you a variety of warehouses  that fit your

cargo’s needs.

Specialized facilities to effectively handle and store your cargo

If you need a warehouse, you have to choose a specialized one depending on the type and need of your merchandise. In Cargo Care Services we have warehousing services in most major US cities and near main ports/airports to offer a time-effective alternative in case of emergency and excellent service.


We offer our services near you: in Miami, Houston, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Savannah, Norfolk, and many other cities; but also, we have served our customer’s in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, thanks to our affiliated companies which allow us to serve you anywhere.


We know the logistics industry and we understand your issues, so we can assure you the safety of your cargo!

Your cargo’s safety is our main concern

  • Strategically locations nationwide close to major Ports and cities.
  • Project cargo; OOG, overweight and special handling services.
  • Ocean containers Loading/Unloading.
  • Security 24/7.
  • Bonded Warehouses.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Import / export transloading.
  • Cold storage and Temperature controlled warehouses.

Professional Storage Management

  • We coordinate everything relates to your ocean or air shipment; from receiving the cargo or coordinate local pick ups, assessing the type and quantity of containers needed, to the moment when the cargo is delivered to the Port or Airport.
  • We offer the service of picking up the merchandise straight from the distributor’s warehouse, local shipping, or round trip drayage.
  • Verification of cargo, inventory management, segregation, labeling, repackaging, handling of dangerous goods, Bonded warehouses, and Cold storage and Temperature controlled warehouses are just some of the services we can do for you.

Satisfy clients using our warehouse

Trader of food products between Mexico and USA.

“We have chosen CARGO CARE as our logistics partner for its excellent service. The advantages we have working with them are security and very good replies, we foresee our business relationship growing.”

Third Party Logistics Company, USA.

"CARGO CARE has been a complement to our value proposition and for the services we offer to our customers, because CARGO CARE helps us to provide a full service, which allow us to offer our customers so many good benefits.”

Freight Forwarder, USA and Colombia.

"The main advantages we have had working with CARGO CARE are good communication and service. We like the closeness with their team and they have fulfilled what we expect.”

Freight Forwarder, USA and Brazil.

"With CARGO CARE we have a sequence of good experiences and good work, this is very important in this sector, the record, we have consolidated a concept of quality towards them, and that's why we recommend them."

Inland freight broker, USA.

“CARGO CARE provides trust, service, peace of mind and security. The partners they use have very good ratings and are reliable for any of the services you handle with them, we always have the certainty that there is someone very qualified handling your freight, you always feel supported by their great team.”

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not reveal their names nor the company's name.

Store and protect your cargo in our warehouses

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