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What is transloading?

Transloading, is the operation to transfer a freight from one mode of transportation to another that allows the merchandise to reach its final destination. For example, a business orders a freight of raw material from Europe to the U.S, this freight first is transported by ocean; the ship arrives at the U.S port and immediately the freight is transferred to a truck that finally transports the freight to the final destination.

Also, if your merchandise reaches multiple destinations, transloading can be helpful to optimize the supply chain process: When the freight arrives at port, it can be transload to a truck that transports it to a warehouse, here, the freight can be loaded in different trucks to ship it to the multiple destinations. Generally, a transload flee is applied, to cover the labor of discharging and charging the freight, but at the end of the day, the reduction of cost and time can cover this investment.

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Benefits of transloading

    • Reduce cost of transportation: The combination of different methods of transportation allow you to reduce costs, for example, transport like rail or vessels more cost-effective for long distance.
    • Flexibility during transit: As you use different methods of transportation, you can adapt your travel for the need of your cargo. For example, if you need to recourse your main route, you can also adopt other transport that fits well with this new route.
    • Allows your business to reach more locations: Some locations you only can arrive by rail, others by truck, so the usage of transloading is perfect for businesses that want to expand its reach. This can be useful in both inland and international expansion.

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