Where to start when you require a Freight Inspection?


Once you are considering a Freight Inspection a lot of questions may arise; What’s the kind of inspection required? What’s the meaning of the acronyms you read related to Cargo Inspection? What to expect after a Freight Inspection? At this point, you comprehend the value of a reliable ally. It’s almost necessary to understand the basics to lead the process successfully, meeting the correct needs and paying attention to accurate solutions. The next steps provide a quick view on the most remarkable factors Freight Inspections demand.

Key factors to consider regarding Freight Inspections.

  • Identify the kind of inspection required

When you are facing a Cargo Inspection, you do research and all the information starts to come to you like an avalanche, it looks more difficult than it really is. Fortunately, here you can find a brief summary of the most frequent Freight Inspections you could encounter along the way and the meaning of recurrent acronyms that will help you to comprehend a little more of this subject.

Pre-Shipment Cargo Inspection: A PSI takes place mostly when you have a first transaction with a new customer. You can avoid any risk, make sure your cargo is properly packed, marked, and placed in the container before shipped, and make sure you receive what you expect.

Freight Inspection for Claims or Damage: Unforeseen events happen, if your merchandise is returned, damaged, or reported as a claim, ensure the current status of your product. With Freight Inspection you will get a detailed report of the situation, the damages or losses suffered, and try to understand and determine the possible reasons for it.

Cargo Inspection at Port or Airport: Once your cargo arrives at port or airport, this service allows you to guarantee that it is loaded correctly and securely, and also prevents unnecessary costs of transportation, miscommunication, or paperwork issues.

List of Acronyms:

PSI (Pre-Shipment Inspection): A detailed look at the quality and quantity of the merchandise before shipped.

CLC (Container Loading Check): It takes place after PSI to ensure that your container is loaded according to the internationally accepted rules and regulations.

FRI (Final Random Inspection): When your shipment is ready, it’s time to check the product vs description of your order through a sample, thereby, you measure the compliance.

OS&D Report (Overage, Shortage and Damage): If the receiver is having issues with the merchandise, the inspector takes note in this report about any damaged or incomplete goods received.


Cargo Inspection


  • Set your aim and expectations

Even if the kind of inspection is clear, it is necessary to establish a clear objective and highlight all the expectations, allowing assertive communication between the customer and the Inspector.

As a result of a freight inspection you will have a report that should match specific data to achieve the aim of the inspection. Regardless the kind of the inspection, any report must include the following:


  1. Written report from visual inspection
  2. Pictures that sustain the information in the written report
  3. Notes of what the inspector perceive of the commodity features


Depending on the requirements and objectives, each inspection report varies from another, however, the main core of an inspection consists in collecting the most clear and detailed physical and quantitative information possible, allowing the customer to determine how to proceed with a shipment.

  • 3PL

A Third- Party Logistics is focused on adding value to your operation offering expertise and optimizing resources to solve any unexpected event. When it comes to Freight Inspections, a 3PL could make your experience quite friendly due to their operation is based on a reliable network of inspectors for each case and each need. Once the kind of inspection and its aim are clear, you have the needed tools to hire the partner that best suits your expectations.


Knowing this, Cargo Care services can handle any need you may have with regard to the Freight Inspections mentioned above, count on us at each stage of your Cargo Inspection.


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