What are the best practices for Equipment Crating?


Generally, when you deal with machinery or equipment there is also a considerable sum of money at stake. Therefore, it’s important that these valuable assets are packaged and crated properly and carefully. So, you should make sure to take into serious consideration this topic because due to this your items are going to survive the move without any consequences.

Therefore, we are going to take a look at the best practices of Machinery/Equipment Packaging and Crating with you, in order your items can be in the appropriate condition before the move.

Assessing Your Machinery or Equipment for Packaging and Crating

A good starting point is to gather the people in your organization who understand the item best and consider these key aspects about the project. These includes:

  • If the item can be broken down into smaller components for shipping.
  • Which items you should crate or packaging and which ones you should not.
  • If the item will be disassembled and reassembled at the destination site, if you have staff to perform that work.
  • If the item needs to be transported in a closed container, or can it tolerate exposure to the elements.
  • The weight and the dimensions.
  • If the item’s dimensions determine that it is considered an “oversize load” by any of the states or countries through which it will be carried.
  • If there is anything else the crating, packaging company will need to know to safely transport the item. You should review the manual issued by the manufacturer.

As soon as you have this resolved, you’ll have a good understanding of the scope of your equipment project.


best practices for Equipment Packaging and Crating

Before one of our jobs

Select a Specialty Crating and Packaging Company

Not every company with the capability to haul large assets has a background in machinery packaging, crating, blocking and bracing. The best piece of advice on this subject should come from specialists in the industry.

You should look for one that has expertise in some or all of these points, as needed for your project

  • Designing and building custom crates, pallets and skids
  • Use enough cushioning material
  • ISPM 15 export crates and container loading

You also want to work with a company that can assist you to issue insurance policy if needed.


 Packaging and Crating


Hire experts to take care of this job properly

You should go on and call a professional packing and crating company for help.The fact is that no one is going to do a better job of packing your items than the professionals who do it on a daily basis. They know how to go about this business and they will also have an unlimited supply of packaging and crating material on their hands. So, they will surely be able to handle with packing & crating equipment easily.

Packing & crating your machinery / equipment is the way to make sure that it will arrive in great conditions. It is important to do this in the proper way. If not, you are probably going to waste time, money and energy, but will not achieve anything. Therefore, if you realize that you cannot cope with the load, at CARGO CARE SERVICES we have 12 years of experience, in packaging and crating, we can help you just…