Global Cargo Insurance policy vs Cargo Insurance per shipment


Whether you are an importer, exporter, or freight forwarder you may wonder if you should use a global cargo insurance policy or per-shipment policy for your cargo insurance. The volume could play a large role but it is not the only deciding factor, in this post we are going to show up some other points to consider which is better for your business.

If you prefer a trackable direct expense for each shipment

For some shippers, it is important to quantify everything that goes into a deal and apply those costs to individual shipments. For Freight Forwarders that have a global policy, except they know exactly how many shipments overall they will insure that year, there is no way to calculate the real cost of insurance for a given shipment with any veracity. When this occurs, this expense becomes a soft cost that may not be duly represented in the sales price. Per shipment allows the real direct expense to adjust with the individual transaction.

If your volume of shipments per year is variable

Surely, if you are insuring one hundred shipments a month consistently year in and year out with predictable values, a global policy is likely the preferred way to go. On the other hand if your volume isn’t quite so predictable, with a per shipment cargo insurance you can pay for only for what you use. For higher volume, shippers can use a monthly report to eliminate the labor of insuring per shipment. The rates, terms, and conditions are all pre-negotiated.


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Some benefits to consider Cargo Insurance per shipment

  • There are no contracts, so you have flexibility
  • Capacity to extend the shipper’s reach for high-value shipments.
  • There are no minimums, many policies include minimum requirements for volume to maintain a policy.
  • Expense tracking, it’s what makes tracking the direct expense the easiest for you.
  • Each certificate issued is reviewed by a person. You take comfort in knowing the data the shipper provided is reviewed by a person looking out for the shipper’s best interests and it is easier to deal with the claim process should arise.


In the case of very large volume shippers, global policy is almost always the answer. In many cases, if a large volume shipper is dealing with an insurance provider, they can source their cargo insurance wrapped in with other products from the same provider. Then you must decide which benefits of either suit your needs most.


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