Do you know the scope of a 3PL warehouse?


Within the logistics industry, you will find a variety of business models that seek to provide a solution at each step of your supply chain, for this reason, there are a vast amount of warehouses focused on different aspects depending on the nature of your operation. However, investing in infrastructure could result in expensive and time-consuming, as well as inefficient if you just need storage intermittently. During the reading of this article, we’ll learn about the services a 3PL warehouse can offer, how these services can boost your operation, and of course, the benefits of a reliable partner to lead the process.

3PL Warehouse services:

Apart from personalized storage based on your inventory, a 3PL warehouse helps you with:

Pick and Pack: Even if your business is online or in a physical store, the pick and pack process is carried out by a 3PL warehouse once a pick list of products is received, then the products are identified in the warehouse and they are packed, labeled if required and shipped.

– Reverse logistics: This process takes place when your product is returned, a 3PL warehouse receives the product, examines the conditions of each item taking visual tests, and finds the best place to return the product into stock.

– Kitting Fulfillment service: Once your merchandise was received into the warehouse and you need it to be distributed by custom orders, the 3PL warehouse will proceed to identify the different SKUs, select them as required on the custom order and create a new SKU ready to be dispatched to your client. Among the advantages that this kind of service represents for the optimization of the processes, it includes the constant movement of your supply chain in a safe and fast manner.

– Shipping: With a 3PL warehouse you are not attached to traditional carriers, thinking about improving the transportation process, you could receive a quote from different carriers to reach your pricing expectations and shorten the delivery time.



cope of a 3PL warehouse

Benefits of counting on a 3PL Warehouse

– Control over your inventory: Working with a 3PL warehouse implies linking this company with your business, allowing access to real-time inventory information, preventing stockouts, and providing accurate updates to inform your customers about inventory levels and items out of stock.

– Quick scale-up of business operations: Don’t limit the growth of your company because you can’t handle the volume of work you are receiving, with a 3PL warehouse you’ll be able to move to the rhythm of the market, expanding and complementing your operation quickly.

– Expand your network to new places: If you have a winning product that is being successful, get out of your secure place and go for more. A 3PL partner can help you to expand your business offering storage nationwide.

– Regulatory compliance: If you lean your operation on a 3PL warehouse, you can be sure that they will provide a facility that according to the features of your product, even if it needs any special treatment to be handled, you’ll be provided with a warehouse that complies with all the laws and regulations.

In a nutshell

3PL warehousing services have come to stay, hand in hand with a 3PL you will find the experience required to take your business to the next level, they have expert teams at your disposal, specialized in the latest trends of the industry. Besides that, you will save resources by delegating the pressure of fulfillment services to reliable partners that count on a great network of purveyors to resolve any challenge you may face and concentrate all your energy on getting the best out of your company.


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