General Freight Inspection vs NCB inspection

When you need to inspect cargo, there are a few considerations you need to check before sending a quote request to one company or another. In our new post, we are going to differentiate when a General Freight Inspection or an NCB Inspection is convenient.

What is a General Freight Inspection?

A general freight inspection consists of visual verification of quantity, quality, packaging, serial or reference numbers, marks, and the overall condition of the merchandise to fulfill customer requirements, and it does not matter what commodity is as this inspection is not technical and testing of the product is not carried out. A report is issued by the inspector with the findings found including pictures.

It includes a report with pictures of cargo mentioning:

  • Packaging and crating of the product.
  • The characteristics of the cargo: type, quantity, serial number, dimensions, weight, status, and any problems related to it.
  • Certificate the good condition of the cargo.
  • Verify that the cargo is well accommodated and balanced on the transport.

What is an NCB inspection?

NCB inspections are performed by the National Cargo Bureau, Inc. which is a marine surveying organization in charge of assisting the U.S. Coast Guard in carrying out the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. By assignment and under the authority of the United States Coast Guard, the certificates issued by National Cargo Bureau, Inc. may be accepted as a prima facie evidence of compliance with the provisions of the Dangerous Cargo Act and the Rules and Regulations for Bulk Grain Cargo.

This kind of Container/ Cargo Inspections can be:

  • Hazardous Container/Tank Inspections
  • General Cargo/Container Tank Inspections
  • Container Structural Serviceability Inspections
  • Flat Rack Securing Inspections
  • Container Packing/Securing Inspections
  • Cargo Condition and Measurement Surveys
  • Damaged Cargo Surveys
  • Hazmat/Dangerous Goods Incident Surveys
  • Radioactive/Explosive Cargo Surveys – Port & USCG Permits
  • Ro-Ro Cargo Surveys.

Therefore, if you need any of the inspections mentioned above you should contact National Cargo Bureau directly. These inspections must be handled by certified inspectors that no other organization can offer as they are specialists in this field.

On the other hand, if you need a General Freight Inspection CARGO CARE SERVICES can assist with Pre-Shipment Cargo Inspection and Cargo Inspection when claims or damages are reported, throughout the United States. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE!