Some tips to improve your transloading operation

In a previous blog, we talk about how transloading is a useful method to optimize the transportation of your merchandise from point A to point B, but, every process can be improved in order to obtain better results and save more money and time. In this opportunity, we want to give you some tips to improve your transloading operation.

Always be prepared

Do not wait for the problems to occur, be a step ahead and analyze all the obstacles that your transloading, and supply chain, can face, to establish the adequate solutions that allow you to decrease potential damages and delays.

Estipulate a time for transloading

Most of the failures during transloading are because entrepreneurs do not take into account the time of this procedure within the final times of the supply chain, leading to delays that translate into losses for your business.

Generally, transloading operation takes 48 to 72 hours to fulfil all the steps: unloading, handling and reloading the different containers of the transports. If transloading is an essential part of your supply chain, include these times, and a little more, to avoid any delay during this step.

Monitor your shipments

During transit, it can be difficult to track and control the courses of your freight. However, with the technology’s advances, the usage of programs and devices that track your freight, makes it easy to monitor its state.

The implementation of these devices will be helpful to know the general state of your freight, but also it can help you to notice problems during the transit and establish alternative decisions or routes to solve them.

It is very important to have a good logistic to accomplish a transloading. | Photo taken from Freepik

Deconsolidate your freight

Combine the transloading with deconsolidation to cut cost. If your cargo consists of multiple goods that need to be shipped to different destinations, you can deconsolidate them nto small trailers in warehouses close to the major Ports that we, Cargo Care Services, can provide and then send them to each final destination.

With these tips to improve transloading, your next shipment will be optimal for your entire supply chain and if you need someone that helps you, we are the best choice for you. In Cargo Care Service We coordinate everything related to your ocean or air shipment; from receiving the cargo or coordinating local pickups, assessing the type and quantity of containers needed, to the moment when the cargo is delivered to the Port or Airport.