How to run your warehouse efficiently?

Written by: CubiQ


The optimization of space and processes in a warehouse is a priority aspect, which directly influences operators’ productivity, operating costs, and the time required for the execution of tasks such as the reception and dispatch of goods.


For this reason, new technologies that emerge as solutions for the logistics industry come to support this process to increase its efficiency and productivity. The company that implements these technologies obtains better results and can assume a greater demand for orders without affecting delivery times and customer satisfaction.


An optimized warehouse is the first of the necessary steps to guarantee that the supply chain system works efficiently. It is also essential to consider that companies lose large amounts of money every year due to a lack of stock, returns, and human errors.


According to the magazine “Logística Supply Chain” these are some of the main technological trends for the optimization of storage in warehouses:

1. WMS (Warehouse Management System)

This technology is beneficial for the management of warehouses. It allows precise and real-time control of the operations, allowing the logistic chain to have more accurate traceability and be more agile and efficient.

It is worth noting that this tool can identify the goods and show their identification and manage the resources when they are being moved. Therefore, it allows to regulate the labor force, eliminate empty movements, and reduce operation times.

2. SGA Systems

It is a tool that allows you to have the inventory updated and to know the quantity and exact location of each of the products stored in the warehouse in real-time. This allows for greater traceability of the existing inventory and contributes to timely decision making.


Technology in warehouses

An optimized warehouse is the first of the necessary steps to guarantee that the supply chain system works efficiently. Box photo created by vanitjan –


3. Voice Picking

This feature allows the operator to receive instructions through a headset and a microphone, allowing them to have both hands available to complete other tasks, improving order preparation times in the warehouses.

Additionally, from CubiQ we highlight the entry of two new technologies that revolutionize warehouse management when implemented.


These devices are used in storage centers for stock control since it allows the reduction and optimization of the costs involved in performing a physical stock control

The use of drones achieves a reduction in operating costs, increases the activity’s productivity, and reduces the time needed for its completion.

5. Automated measurement and cubing systems

This equipment allows the automation of a process as repetitive as the sizing of goods, allowing companies to optimize operating costs and increase its logistics chain’s productivity.


In CubiQ we design technology solutions that go beyond the sizing of goods, achieving a quick transcription of the label’s information using modern technologies such as OCR, contributing to the digitization of information in the warehouses of transport and logistics companies, freight consolidators, and retail operators.


warehouse optimization

Photo: Courtesy of CubiQ



It is worth mentioning that significant benefits have been obtained in the retail companies that have installed CubiQ solutions in their warehouses. Among the benefits that stand out in this industry are:


– Optimization of storage space by an additional 25%.

– Reduction of the amount of freight by over 8%

– Reduction of up to 160% in data capture and incorporation into the WMS system times.


Additionally, in the cargo consolidation companies that have CubiQ in their warehouses, the processes have been optimized and costs reduced in the following way:

– Reduction of labor costs by more than 150% generating savings of approximately USD 800.000.

– Increase in operator productivity by up to 200%.


Now, don’t forget! The automation of processes logistics chain’s optimization, especially in warehouses, is a must-do project because if the warehouse storage is optimal, your company can reduce unproductive time, increase operators’ productivity, reduce labor costs, and meet increasing product demands.

Now, what do you think about the automation of the logistics chain?


Written by: CubiQ