What are the impacts of E-Commerce in the Warehousing Industry?


Currently, e-commerce platforms have made a huge impact on how consumers shop. Customer demands increase as they can do their shopping in the comfort of their own homes, so does the need for storage spaces and distribution centers for order fulfillment duties and operations. That´s why eCommerce continuously impacts the warehousing industry today, and we will look into it:

Lead Times

Some years ago, warehouses were built in accordance with zoning regulations. Due to the surge in online shopping, and the fact that most consumers want their orders shipped quickly, it takes importance that warehouse facilities be situated in or closer to large cities.

Single Products Vs. Pallets

B2B shipments used to be in containers. These transportation methods were especially suitable for bulky cargo that required loading from the sides or the top. Today’s retail stores, however, are losing popularity. This indicates that the shipping is now done straight away to the consumers’ homes.


Warehousing Industry impacts

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Unpredictable Shipping Behaviour

Based on the above there are unpredictable shipping patterns. In the past years aside from the holiday season, sales patterns were more or less predictable and tended to remain relatively stable throughout the year. Due to this level of predictability, it was convenient for warehouses to make the necessary arrangements.

In order to support the changing system, warehouses and distribution centers had to reevaluate the systems for inventory as well as methods of handling storage.

Warehouse Automation

Because of this paradigm, an increasing number of warehousing facilities have turned to robotics and other automated logistics technologies to increase overall efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.


Nowadays, warehouses that wish to be at the forefront now invest in a variety of warehouse technologies like drones, artificial intelligence, order picking and order fulfillment tools, and technologies, among many others.


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