What does a Freight Inspector do?

Cargo transportation requires a lot of planning and logistic development to achieve its objective: transport cargo from point A to B without compromising the safety and integrity of the goods.

From the packaging, checking the condition of the goods to the verification of laws and regulations and the correct handling, block and bracing in the transport, it is required for a specific person to inspect all of these requirements.

The qualified person to handle this important job is known as Freight inspector (also known as cargo inspector). In this blog we want to talk about this job, who is, what does, and the importance of the Freight inspector.

What is a Cargo Inspector?

A freight or cargo inspector is a person who is in charge of analyzing and verifying quantity, quality, packaging, serial or reference numbers, marks, and the overall condition of the merchandise to fulfill customer requirements besides local, national and international transport laws regulations.

A freight or cargo inspector can be specialized in a certain type of freight, for example, food or technology; meanwhile, another inspector works with a variety type of freight. In any case, both freight inspectors are capable of handling your cargo.

What does a Freight Inspector do?

There are a lot of activities that a freight inspector needs to do, to guarantee the successful transportation of the cargo.

  • Inspect the packaging and crating of the merchandise.
  • Record all the characteristics of the cargo: type, quantity, serial number, dimensions, weight, status, and if any problems have been encountered with it.

  • Guide the crew with the management and stowing of the cargo, especially if the cargo is hazardous or delicate and going overseas.
  • Certificate that the merchandise fulfills the customer requirements.
  • Make sure that the transport conditions are good enough for the goods, such as temperature and humidity levels.
  • Make sure that the cargo is well accommodated and balanced on the transport.
  • Give solutions to any inconvenience that may occur.
It is very important to check every specification of a cargo to successfully shipment | Photo taken from Freepik

Why is the Cargo Inspector job important?

Any violation or failure to fulfill the transport law regulation, can result in penalty for the company, making them lose a large amount of money. Also, a correct inspection can guarantee you that your merchandise does not lose, get damage or deteriorate during the shipment. Finally, the record and certificate issued from the freight and cargo inspector, can help you during the cargo insurance claims.

A good logistic team is the key to successfully ship your cargo, and the freight and cargo inspector job is essential to achieve this. It’s better to invest a small amount of money in contract freight inspector’s service, to make sure that you fulfill all the law regulations and your cargo will ship accordingly that pays a huge amount of money in penalties.

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