When considering transload services is important?


Currently, due to the growth of e-commerce, transloading has become an efficient method for shipping goods. Transload your cargo is one way to gain advantage, and save time and money when complicated logistics are involved. In this post we are going to take a look at when transloading is important:


  1. If you ship multiple heavy containers through a state with a low truck weight limit.

The more weight you put in each container, the fewer containers you need to ship, and this represents a cost cut in ocean shipping. The only limit on the weight you can put in an ocean container is the maximum gross cargo weight listed on the container door. And when that container travels overland, the maximum weight you can put in a container is set by the states through which you truck that load to or from the port/rail terminal.


For instance, DOT regulations in many states in the United States let you transport 55,000 pounds or more in a 40’ ocean container, as long as you use a specialized truck with an overweight permit. However in a few states, such as California, the maximum weight in a 40’ container is limited to 47,000 pounds, with most truckers not willing to move more than 45,000 pounds.


So, you can fulfil the legal limits in the land portion by spreading the pounds in different trucks and in the port area, you can have a service provider who will transload the product into fewer containers. You just cut the cost of your ocean crossing and depending on your ocean freight costs, this way could generate overall transportation savings.


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  1. If a facility can’t load or unload an ocean container.

For example if you’re shipping to a customer that doesn’t have a loading dock. A container would cause an issue. But if you transload the cargo to a flatbed trailer, then the customer can use a forklift to unload merchandise.

Or, let’s suppose you’re exporting and you don’t want to be responsible for loading your cargo into a container and securing it properly. You might rather send that shipment in a truck to a warehouse near the port/rail terminal, where a transload services provider will transfer the cargo to an ocean container.

Transloading is not the best option if all the states your cargo will cross let trucks haul containers loaded with 55,000 pounds or more. You can benefit from the savings that come from heavy freight shipping on the ocean, and leave that cargo in containers for the landside trip as well.

Who’s the best partner for transload services?

Your partner should demonstrate:

Expertise: They should know how to unload a container, or load it and secure the cargo correctly. Experienced companies have done this kind of work for many years and will keep your load damage-free.

Commodity knowledge: They should have experience transloading many different products—from palletized cartons to heavy machinery, or they should know how to transload merchandise like the ones you ship.

Should you transload your cargo?

The answer is … it depends. An experienced team will understand your necessities and will help you do the math. If the numbers show that the answer is yes, CARGO CARE SERVICES can assist you to ensure a smooth, safe, economical move for your transloading needs, we have specialized facilities close to the main ports in the US. Contact us for a quote!